Your Hobby, Your Ministry

1st Peter 4:10 tells us “Each one of us should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”

A few of us are able (both financially and with afforded time) to pursue hobbies. Whatever your hobby is, make it your ministry. When we take seemingly meaningless “fun” and assign it the same purpose God would use it for, suddenly, it adds value to our lives and to the lives of others.

Matthew 25: 14-30 speaks of the parable of talents. To paraphrase, a master entrusts three servants with different amounts of talents. The servants who grew their talents were entrusted with more. The last servant, though, hid his talent out of fear and his talent was taken from him. This parable is one I often remind myself of as I step out in faith to pursue music (singing and guitar) in my thirties. It reminds me of a couple things: 1) That no one is given more than they are able to handle by way of their gifts. 2) I am supposed to keep at it for whatever appointed time God has for my music. To be ready for my master to see if I steward well what He has entrusted to me.

Maybe your hobby is your main ministry. Thank God for the extra income to support what fulfills you but make no mistake – those funds are earned to further your ministry; To witness to a friend (or stranger) on the golf course; to inspire young onlookers when you play the recital; to touch hearts through your song, art, or craft, to bless families with your sewing skills, carpentry talents, and on and on.

Some may feel as if they don’t have any special gifts or don’t have time to pursue them. To you, I offer Romans 12:6 to assure you we all have gifts on the inside of us to further the kingdom of heaven.

I encourage you (and pray) today, to go out, share your gift! You are valuable! I pray that you would be a blessing to others because you have been blessed.

One thought on “Your Hobby, Your Ministry”

  1. Excellent!! Reminds me of individual lady that crochets or sew caps for babies in hospital NICU….. using her talent to bless others😘


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