Your Work, Your Ministry

Whatever it is that you do, make it your ministry.

Work the window at a fast food place? Make it your ministry.
Clean bathrooms at the airport? Make it your ministry.
Stay at home with small children? Take care of elderly parents? Make it your ministry!
(Write a blog?… you get it!)

Jesus touched peoples’ lives by being an example of love, compassion and humility. You also have the power to bless the lives of others by being kind – and it really is so easy! A simple change in your outlook on your situation or place in life can change (will change!) the way others view their time spent with you in that same place. You are where you are for a reason. God will use you in every area of your life if you allow Him to.

So, work like Jesus is working right there beside you. (He is, you know.) Be His hands and feet. Thank God for the opportunity to witness to the person driving through in a rush, angrily; the opportunity to love and pray for the disgruntled coworker struggling to find purpose in cleaning other peoples’ mess; the young, impressionable hearts you have been given by God to mold; the old minds that need a little grace and a lot of laughter. Thank God because He has given you a position with a purpose.

It isn’t demeaning to clean bathrooms or mop floors. It’s not degrading to flip burgers nor is it beneath you to keep a clean home and cook nutritious meals for your family. Your work is a call in your life. It may not be your idea of a dream job, but you have a job to do nonetheless to influence others in their time with you. Let it be a time spent in the presence of Jesus within you.

(I pray this encourages you, inspires you and gives you the pride in your work that it has given me in mine.)

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